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Waxing training manual pdf download

Waxing training manual pdf

This is not an in-depth implementation manual. Further sources of information on specific subjects can be found at the back of this guide. Habia has used every effort to avoid errors and to ensure that the contents of this guide are accurate and complete. However, Habia gives no warranty and accepts no liability for errors or. Only stick to hairs, not the skin. • Hurts less when removing. • Does not leave an oily or sticky layer, because it does not contain oil or sugar. • The skin feels clean feeling after waxing, unlike with sugaring or beeswax. • Fewer ingrown hairs. • Works for fluffy hairs. • Can be used for sensitive body parts. • Unique paraben-‐ free. Please also consult with your Awarding Body for the codes of practice regarding waxing and intimate waxing services and the HABIA website, as they have complete guidelines for salons and training providers. For all organisational and legal requirements you will need to revise the section 'You, your client and the law'.

The products help to soothe and condition the skin hygienically whilst restoring natural pH balance. Pure and mild for everyday use, even on sensitive skin. Contents. Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) 1. Facial Products. 2. Body Products. 5. Hair Products. 7. Waxing Products. 8. HY-Wax System. 9. ABC Facial Instructions. Learner name: Learner number: J// VRQ. UV Remove hair using waxing techniques . Manual. Reference to client records. Carried out all waxing treatments. Portfolio reference. Eyebrows. Upper lip. Chin. Full leg. Half leg. Underarm. Bikini line. Dealt with a minimum . Security (cash): Staff training, point of. Intimate Waxing and Eyelash Extensions. This manual also covers the background, benefits, treatments, consultation, contra-indications, contra-actions, aftercare, equipment and products needed. You will be taught the practical element of the course during your practical training sessions. OBJECTIVES. The objectives of.

o Technical Services Training Video Homework WHAT. Special body and facial waxing (studio). HOW. Wax expertise. {Our unique combination of technical expertise and customer service excellence.} WHY .. order to fully absorb all of the info you will need to go back and re-watch them after your Initial Training week. Waxing treatments always form a large part of any salon's business, as many women in western society dislike body hair. However, some cultures, such . You should use appropriate consultation techniques, including visual, questioning and manual checks, to establish the treatment plan for the client. Remember that you. 10 Oct alternative progressive hair removal methods, e.g. infra-red and hair-retarding products used in conjunction with waxing procedures. Evidence Guide. EVIDENCE GUIDE. The evidence guide provides advice on assessment and must be read in conjunction with the performance criteria, required skills and.