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ios: Updated SSZipArchive to & updated progress handling (close #. A Cordova plugin to unzip files in Android and iOS. (zip>,,, []);. cordova cordova-plugin cordova-android cordova-ios cordova-plugin-zeep cordova-android-plugin zip-compression decompression phonegap unzip zip angular. Plain JS example. (+ other angular-based frameworks -> Ionic, Mobile Angular UI, LumX, MEAN, Angular Foundation, ). 28 Dec Zip / UnZip plugin. A simple compress plugin that allow zip/unzip files and folders . Platforms supported. android. Installation. cordova plugin add cordova-zip- plugin. Easy Use. The object JJzip is expose in the window: Methonds. zip(file [, options, successCallback, errorCallback]) - Allow to zip a file or.

24 Apr Getting started. # npm install component. npm install cordova-js-zip. # install Cordova and plugins. cordova platform add [email protected] cordova plugin add org. cordova plugin add 28 Jul Nowadays mobile devices are capable of almost everything. Zip files allows the user to manipulate a lot of files, while he manipulates only one. Being able to decompress files after they're downloaded from source can be achieved in Cordova too. The approach of this article won't use JavaScript to. Improve this doc. A Cordova plugin to unzip files in Android and iOS. ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-zip $ npm install --save @ionic-native/zip Usage. import { Zip } from '@ionic-native/zip'; constructor(private zip: Zip) { } this ('path/to/', 'path/to/dest', (progress) => ('Unzipping, .

Forum thread about cordova-plugin-zip in AppBuilder. Join the conversation now. cordova plugin add module. controller('MyCtrl', function($scope, $cordovaZip) { $(src, // #L32 dest // #L45).then( function. I have an application with cordova for android in which I want to unzip file. To do this, use the following code, in addition to cordova-plugin-zip cordova plugin but when executing it sends me the error and the text: "Oops, you can not unzip files" Init('actualizarApp', function (page).