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Is there a way to create a "custom" control? I want to make a control that, on the front panel, consists of a numeric indicator and 3. Creating Custom Controls and Indicators from the Front Panel.»Table of Contents. LabVIEW Help Edition Date: June Part Number: M- 01 Note You also can right-click the control or indicator you want to customize and select Advanced»Customize from the shortcut menu to display the Control Editor. Drop a System OK Button on the front panel. 2. Right click on the control and select Advanced»Customize 3. Edit»Import Picture to Clipboard and select your image -. •. PNG files work best since transparency is preserved. 4. Right click on the control and select Import Picture from Clipboard»Decal. 5. Click the wrench icon.

9 Jul In the interim a few employees and LabVIEW users have formed the UI Interest Group to share best practices and templates for building modern, eye-catching controls for LabVIEW. There is actually a lot you can do to create your own custom controls that look very modern, unique, or conform to some. 15 Jan From the LabVIEW toolbar's “Edit” menu, select “Customize Control ” This will open up a new VI with just a front panel containing only your control. This is where we can make all of our modifications. To start with, from the toolbar's “Edit” menu, select “Import Picture to Clipboard.” Now we can select the. Generate LabVIEW buttons from pictures; Create 6-states Boolean controls with different pictures and colors for each; Colors are automatically detected in your images; Select new colors for each detected one, and for each state of the button; Manage and Apply color patterns in batch; Preview your results live!.

July LabVIEW™ Custom Controls, Indicators, and. Type Definitions. This application note explains how to create and use custom controls, indicators, and type definitions using the Control. Editor in LabVIEW. Use custom controls and indicators to extend the available set of front panel objects. You can create custom.