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Onlive desktop plus ipad

11 Apr OnLive Desktop: Virtual Office Apps on Your iPad OnLive Desktop uses technology developed for its parent OnLive gaming service, which lets you stream high-end video games (that you rent or purchase) to your PC in much the way you'd get an on-demand movie from Netflix. Instead of games, OnLive. 5 Mar OnLive Desktop is a free iPad app that lets you work with Microsoft Office docs, and the $5-a-month Plus subscription adds IE with Flash support. If you need to create or edit the occasional Word doc, Excel sheet, or PowerPoint presentation on your iPad, OnLive Desktop is a app. 13 Jan A unique and impressive approach to working with Office documents from your iPad which is a great alternative to the usual mobile office suites.

OnLive Desktop has now gone live in the App Store. OnLive Desktop is an app which will provide a cloud based Windows 7 experience for iPad users. The OnLive Desktop app will give users access to a Windows desktop experience without the need for any VNC or remote desktop connections. It is all stored in the cloud. 22 Feb How impressive is the Desktop Plus version of OnLive's iPad software? For $ a month it basically lets you run full Windows on your iPad, and at blazing speeds to boot. This is the cloud done right. Mostly. 23 Feb Only a month ago, we reviewed OnLive Desktop, a cloud-based service that brought Office apps and delivered media-rich Windows 7 desktop experience to an iPad. However, when the application arrived, it was missing one very important element, a browser. Now with OnLive Desktop Plus, that.

23 Feb OnLive Desktop gives you access to a Windows desktop and Windows Office apps from your iPad. Now, OnLive Desktop Plus adds a flash-compatible browser and access to Dropbox and 22 Mar Want to run Windows 7 right on an iPad? OnLive Desktop does exactly that, letting you access a cloud-based Windows 7 PC directly from iOS. Complete with the full Microsoft Office suite, you can use Word, Excel, and Powerpoint with full touch controls, and believe it or not it's actually really fast and.