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Megaman x9 fan game

Only the Maverick Hunters can investigate the one who was behind the cause of the disasters. Mainly, this seems to be another group of reploids called the Voltz Foundation. Signas and Alia were still working under the Maverick Hunters but they did some research on the incoming disasters. Only Megaman X, Zero, and Axl. Mr. Green posted to Sanjiv's forum thread on the Mega Man X9 Fan Game group. Forum Topic: Hi. August 23, at am Sanjiv posted to Mr. Green's forum thread on the Mega Man X9 Fan Game group. Forum Topic: Part 2 - Who will be your favorite Maverick to play as? November 17, at am. Ok i a ma huge Mega man fan i love the 2d platformer game and i loved X8 i like the idea of going 2d.5 with graphics were its 2d but alot of the othe aspects of the game are 3d but i also loved how megaman zero when you killed a mavrick they just didnt explode the fell apart and exploded but i would also like to see like.

9 Feb Here is the update for the latest beta I released a few weeks ago. Download Now! (Hey, don't ask me if it ha Mega Man X9 ( Fan Game)! Newest beta released!!!. Megaman x9 fan game download. Click here to get file. Capcom us trying to get mega man x games on gog. Front cover of x9 in ps3. Megaman x9 in 16 bit? Mega man x the return of lumine fan game demo mega man x9. Mega man x9 fan game! Mega man fan games at the ncfc. Mega man x command mission x rev. Mega Man x9. likes. A new trailer for Megman/Rockman X9 (Fan made) by l ultimatemaverickx And other friends ! I did this to promote my Megaman X9 story, artworks and most of all to have fun. If you're interested, read the story Unfortunately, I got bored playing that game and decided to draw Maverick bosses.