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Proclarity business reporter for excel download

Proclarity business reporter for excel

ProClarity Business Reporter for Excel. Business Reporter is an optional add-in for Microsoft® Excel. Users can update reports with the latest source data and access ProClarity Professional analysis tools. can utilize the full functionality of Excel to analyze, monitor and report data. Live. Server enables IT to gain centralized control over Excel while providing decision makers with information they want in a format in which they are comfortable. ProClarity Business Reporter for Excel enables business users to export live. The power of enterprise understanding. Business Reporter for Excel. Product Datasheet. Product Datasheet. Business Reporter for Excel. The ProClarity Business Reporter for Excel allows users to create sophisticated spreadsheet models that maintain live data-feeds as well as create high-quality formatted.

For clients looking for ProClarity alternatives it's a good opportunity to determine if the business need and usage model is the same today as it was a decade ago when ProClarity was chosen. If there is a lot of export to Excel activity, a better model is to have an active data link to Excel but without losing the key cube. I believe that the business reporter functionality has been discontinued with The value of proclarity becomes much lower without business reporter. For example there is no what-if analysis in proclarity but having dynamically updated reports in excel using the business reporter, you could use the data. Utilizes full functionality of Excel. • Facilitates team planning and collaboration. Business Reporter for Excel. ProClarity Business Reporter for Excel removes the productivity drain of. 'spreadsheet anarchy' and puts an end to the distribution of outdated or incorrect data. Business users can work with production reports for.

Proclarity business reporter for excel download. Click here to get file. Figure 1 proclarity analytics platform. Excel maybe perhaps also the long lost decomposition tree from proclarity? Shows a graph in proclarity proclarity analytics screenshot. Microsoft business intelligence tools for excel analysts pdf download. 5 Sep ProClarity Business Reporter is an Excel-based analysis tool. • ProClarity Analytics Server & Professional Client SDK is a customization kit for middle-tier and thin client. Architecture, ProClarity Analytics Server architecture consists of three tiers: a presentation tier, a business logic tier and a data tier. 21 Nov " Until a month ago I used an Excel file created with business reporter to update data from Proclarity. If in the excel file I go to Proclarity in the menu, and I get a run time error (91) and a message about ' object variable can not be set'. Today I also got the message: ActiveX component can't create object.