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Optical camouflage video

In researchers at the University of Tokyo under Susumu Tachi created a prototype active camouflage system using material impregnated with retroreflective glass beads. The viewer stands in front of the cloth viewing the cloth through a transparent glass plate. A video camera behind the cloth captures the background. Optical camouflage requires these things as well, but it also necessitates several other components. Here's everything needed to make a person appear invisible: a garment made from highly reflective material; a digital video camera; a computer; a projector; a special, half-silvered mirror called a combiner. On the next page. 3 Dec More Invisibility Cloak Components Video Camera • Capturing the background image requires a video camera, which sits behind the person wearing the cloak. The video from the camera must be in a digital format so it can be sent to a computer for processing. Computer • For optical camouflage to work.

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