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Trials hd modded profile

What's going on TTG, iDomey here, I'm going to show you how to Mod Trials HD This is my Tutorial and I take % Credit for this. I have a very detailed Text Tutorial and a Video Tutorial as well. Requirements 1.) Horizon: [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] 2.) Modded GPD: [ Register or Signin to. I could try uploading mine. Hold on. =) EDIT: I'm sorry, but unfortunately like many Arcade games, Trials HD does not use profile game saves. It saves the data to your profile instead. I could upload my profile, but you'd have to use it offline. Would you still be interested? Jimbodawg, Dec 27, 11 Jan Game Title: Trials HD Game ID: A Mods Wanted: A possible time modification, or a medal mods, to change Bronze to Sliver and Silver to Gold, etc.. . Save Game: No Savegame, Located in the users profile. Addi.

16 Apr on my gpd (in my profile) on Trials Fusion I'm level 9 and have $27, But its not showing up on your tool even where you change level on the tool it says " level unknown" I try anyway nothing changed tried on 2 profiles. I would use your modded gpd but I looked at it and the level is and money is in. 13 Aug Last Update: 9/13 -Fixed Elliot mipmaps - Added HD Angelica - Added Millium Casual White Sweater - Added Laura Casual DLC Saber Inspired Outfit - Added Yellow Casual Millium - Added HD Orange Outfit Elliot - Added Machias HD Casual Clothes DLC Recolor - Re-uploaded Gaius Green coat. Free Minecraft Server Hosting. One-Click Minecraft Trials. JAVA MC - Modpacks - Snapshots. Play & Share + Minecraft Maps in under 20 Seconds.

4 Feb Of course the response wasn't nearly as big as some of the bigger names in the Amnesia modding community, but I've known that would be the case for a while now. As it is right now, excluding Penumbra: Necrologue, Amnesia mods don't really get a whole lot of recognition anymore as interest in them. When you "download" a file from a friend's set of THD customs you're literally just transferring a save game from their profile to yours through the game. Bottom line, if you're only transferring Trials HD tracks you will never be banned as you' ve done nothing against the Xbox Live Terms Of Use. Does this.