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Uk postcode sectors

The postcode sector is made up of the postcode district, the single space, and the first character of the inward code. It is between four and six characters long ( including the single space). Examples of postcode sectors include "SW1W 0", " PO16 7", "GU16 7", or "L1 8", "CV1 4". Postcode Sector. A sub-area of a postcode district, whose area is identified by the number third from the end of a full postcode. There are approximately postcode sectors in Great Britain. An example of a postcode sector code is 3, from GU12 3DH. 19 Mar This dataset shows the boundaries of the Royal Mail Postcode Sectors in Scotland. The Postcode Sectors are the next hierarchical level above the individual postcode. For example, if the individual postcode is EH12 3DG, then that postcode falls within Sector EH12 3. Postcode Sector boundaries and.

name, geometry, title. AB10 1, ,, ,, , , ,, ,, , , ,, ,, , , KML. KML can be used in Google Earth and other mapping tools. Postcode area polygons (e.g. BB, KT) · Postcode sector polygons of the whole UK (e.g BB3 3, BB3 4) · Postcode district polygons of the whole UK (e.g BB3, BB4). Download UK Postcode Sector Maps. 5 digit UK postal code sector maps free to download, editable in illustrator or use the pdf as it is. Call on

Corrections and error notices for the key statistics for postcode sectors. Get the details of Postcode areas in the UK with the Postcode Sector Map Series ideal for business planning at Map Marketing. Geographic Level. Count. Areas, Outcodes, 2, Sectors, 11, Postcodes, 1,, Delivery Points, 30,, Large User, , inc PO Boxes, 55, Postcodes Added, 5, Postcodes Deleted, 2, Post Towns, 1, Localities, 30, Thoroughfares, , There are places & street names.