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24 Sep Q. How do I view squid proxy server log files under CentOS Linux server ? A. squid is a high-performance proxy caching server for web clients, supporting FTP , gopher, and HTTP data objects. Unlike traditional caching software, squid handles all requests in a single, non-blocking, I/O-driven process. 24 Oct More data in tabular view below. squid-monitis-chart. Some metrics examples in graphical view below. As you can see, monitoring with Monitis M3 is very simple and powerful. The described means of monitoring is already tested and is being used on my servers. Check the availability of your servers with. Squidview is an interactive console program which monitors and displays squid logs in a nice fashion, and may then go deeper with searching and reporting functions. (If you don't know what squid is or does this program is probably not for you.) To use squidview you must at least have read access to squid's file.

when I cd to /var/spool/squid I see all kinds of weird files that are not viewable. So I was just wondering if their was any way to view what my. 25 Jul Download Squid Cache View for free. Directly view squid cache contents. This utility provides some of the functionality of squidview ( squidview/) within a web browser, with the option of viewing the cache file directly . Squid Nugget! I make Minecraft Xbox video's & love all of my subscribers:). Partnership Achieved - 25/09/

Octopuses and cuttlefish are masters of underwater camouflage, blending in seamlessly against. You can also use squid-graph for that to view cache hits,etc etc. http://squid- Monitoring Squid with Squid-Graph. Squid Graph is a free, simple, yet powerful Squid v2 native logfile analysis tool that generates reports with graphical representation of the proxy server's traffic. install. How to check the web access logs of squid of user A IP Is it possible and how to do it. Shoaib.