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Stagefright Detector App for Android Devices Zimperium zLabs expert and VP of Platform Research and Exploitation, Joshua Drake (@jduck) discovered multiple critical vulnerabilities in Stagefright library and provided patches to Google to secure Android. We provided these patches to carriers and vendors through. The Stagefright Detector app by Lookout determines if your Android device could be susceptible to the Stagefright vulnerability. To ensure your device has the most up-to-date protection against a wide variety of attacks, including Stagefright, download the Lookout Mobile Security app. Stagefright Detector scans your. That's why we've developed Stagefright Detector. This app arms you with information by telling you whether or not your Android device is vulnerable to Stagefright. If you are affected, we provide the run-down on how to mitigate your risk of being attacked. You'll also be able to check back in when you receive your security.

7 Aug Android: Last month, we got news of a particularly nasty Android vulnerability called Stagefright that affects nearly every Android device. If you want to find out if you're vulnerable, Stagefright Detector can let you know. The app comes from the same security company that first discovered the bug. Of course. 7 Aug Zimperium Labs launches Stagefright detector app in Play Store. The group that discovered the vulnerability will tell you if your device is vulnerable, and of course try to sell you some service if it isn't. 17 Aug Stagefright is among the worst vulnerabilities discovered in Android's millions upon millions of lines of code. The vulnerability is Combined with the general tips we assembled here, these five detection & prevention apps could help you protect your device against the vulnerability. As usual, you can click.

17 Aug The gist is that a video sent via MMS (text message) could be theoretically used as an avenue of attack through the libStageFright mechanism (thus the " Stagefright" name), which helps Android process video files. Many text messaging apps — Google's Hangouts app was specifically mentioned. 7 Aug With all the details coming out about Stagefright, the new Android vulnerability that could hijack your device, Android users are right to be concerned. While Google has released a patch, it's currently only available for Nexus devices. Almost everyone else is still at risk. Fortunately, the folks at Zimperium, the. Buy Stagefright Detector: Read 15 Apps & Games Reviews -