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Feb 20, Information on Searching for, Exporting, and Importing WSX Files for OpenNap on WinMX. This page is to provide folks with a bit more information on Searching/Getting, Importing (using WSX file), Exporting (create WSX file). To files, click the Networks tab and then click. The largest Collection of all WinMX Applications and Addons in the World. Jun 9, WSX file format Info. WSX files are files used by the OpenNap side of the WinMX filesharing client, they contain data relating to openanp server names and connection information, they are called "wsx" files simply because they end with that specific 3 digit file type prefix. An example: PUBLIC xxx xxx xxx xxx.

Dec 11, This is a part of WinMX usually overlooked, but its easy to connect to and will increase your searching abilities many times over. Connecting to OpenNap. To connect to OpenNap you require a file that tells WinMX where to locate the servers, this file is called a WSX file. A simple way to obtain a WSX file for. WinMX World:: Forum - Index. A place to post a bit about you and introduce yourself to the WinMx World Community. Posts Topics. Last post by GhostShip in Re: Ciao a tutti!! on January 31, , pm . 23 Topics. Last post by White Stripes in Re: New WSX file in archive on December 07, , . if i give you a WSX file,can u open it for me? My computer won't allow me to. I wouldn't ask but it invovles a low-life husband with a 3 year old son. I wouldn't ask if I could find another way and before u ask my laptop is old, old, old!! By the way I'm not the a friend. It's probably why hide nothing?.

Remove Removes the currently highlighted server(s) from the list. Uses the WinMX Peer Network to search for importable 'WSX' server lists. Import. WSX Allows you to manually select a WSX OpenNap server list to import. Allows you to export the current OpenNap server list to WSX format. Details for file extension: WSX - Audio Utility Sysex Wsysex File:: WSX - WinMX Protocol List. Aug 25, Direct links to server lists from gotnap and winmxitalia (the lists are different): · download/%%20ServerList%% Wsx files are also available from other WinMX users (search for servers instead of.