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Form. Statutory declaration by a supporting witness in relation to a Partner or Prospective Marriage visa application. Warning: Under the Statutory Declarations Act , people If you are not an Australian citizen or permanent resident and you reside considered a statutory declaration under Australian law, even if. Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) visa (subclass ) document checklist, , 2/05/ PM, declaration (80KB PDF) giving their permission Form - Consent form to grant an Australian visa to a Visa applicants should tick Code 33 in Section 8 of the form, STS_ListItem_PublishingPages. You should ensure that you read and understand form i before completing this form. Home page www. immi. General Telephone during business hours enquiry line in Australia to speak to an operator recorded information available outside these hours. If you are outside Australia please contact your.

8 Sep Hi Jeremy, Each person who writes a form should also give you a certified copy of their passport information page or birth certificate to show they are Australian. If they aren't Australian, they still need to provide certified proof of their nationality. 4 Apr Hello to all, For a partner visa (/) application, can the FORM be submitted by a close family member who is NOT an Australian citizen or permanent resident. The applicant is outside. A full list of prescribed persons can be found in the Statutory. Declarations Regulations , which is available through the. Attorney-General's Department website A blank statutory declaration form is also available from the same website. If you are outside Australia.

19 May If you are applying for a partner visa there will be many pieces of information you will be required to collate. As we presume you really want to be together with your partner in Australia, you will hopefully be motivated to do this. It is important to understand though that some of this information will need to be. One of our friends in the UK is actually an Australian citizen (here for 2 years), so is completing the official form for us. I am confused as to who can witness his signature to ensure it is considered a legal document in Australia. We have a friend who is a nurse but is a UK citizen - could she witness this or. 17 Nov The Australian Department of Immigration is cracking down on Partner visa applications. How would you feel if your Australian Partner visa application was refused? You will need to cross-reference any information provided by persons completing the Form to ensure your application is coherent.