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Presentation on number system

25 Aug We are also thankful to Bharti madam, our computer teacher for letting us use the school computers for presentation and providing us with an e-mail ID. Also, we thank our friends for their ideas and co-operation they provided to us. We are grateful to all of them. ; 4. Introduction A number. 5 Dec Computer Number Systems and Data Representation. Lecture Outline Number Systems – Binary, Octal, Hexadecimal Representation of characters using codes Representation of Numbers – Integer, Floating Point, Binary Coded Decimal Program Language and Data Types12/5/ 24 Feb For students studying Number System in computers.

Introduction to Number Systems. Storyline Different number systems; Why use different ones? Binary / Octal / Hexadecimal; Conversions; Negative number representation; Binary arithmetic; Overflow / Underflow. Number Systems. Four number system. Decimal (10); Binary (2); Octal (8); Hexadecimal (16) Binary. Introduction to Information Technologies. Common Number Systems. No. No. 0, 1 , 9,. A, B, F. Hexa- decimal. No. No. 0, 1, 7. 8. Octal. Yes. No. 0, 1. 2. Binary. No. Yes. 0, 1, 9. Decimal. Used in computers? Used by humans? Symbols. Base. System. ITEC Introduction to Information Technologies. Binary Values and Number Systems. 2. 6. Chapter Goals. Distinguish among categories of numbers; Describe positional notation; Convert numbers in other bases to base 10; Convert base numbers to numbers in other bases; Describe the relationship between bases 2, 8, and 16; Explain the importance to computing.

With help from the teacher, I have partial success with level 2 and 3. Even with help, students have no success with the unit content. Categories of Numbers in the REAL Number System. Natural Numbers; Whole Numbers; Integers; Rational Numbers; Irrational Numbers. Natural Numbers. Are the counting numbers; {1, 2, 3. Types of Number System Non-Positional number system. Teaching the concept and notation of Number Systems. using an understanding of basic rules and skills approach. Junior Certificate-All Levels. Leaving Certificate- Foundation Level. Leaving Certificate- Ordinary & Higher Level. Section 1 Number Systems. Real. World. Curriculum. Subjects. Within Strands. Past. Future.