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17 May The spaza hip-hop sub-genre, which is loosely defined as Cape Town Xhosa rap , has failed to travel beyond the Western Cape and the Eastern Cape, where isiXhosa is widely spoken. Save for artists like Driemanskap, Kanyi, Rattex, Pzho and of course Backyard Crew, there haven't been a large number. TwittyNews - Umgosi We HipHop/Spaza. K likes. Lena yi page yo update fans ne supporters ngalo mculo we Spaza / Hiphop, siza nendaba ezi fresh about. Up to this day, they are regarded as the pioneers of the Cape Town Xhosa brand of Hip Hop called Spaza. They have performed at many different shows. Kritsi has been featured on many albums and music videos. He has been featured on a number of successful tracks that have received major airplay nationwide. Recently.

About the Artist. Nunstop Records: Nunstop Records is one of the most prolific pioneers in hip hop music. Started by doing sub-genre known as Spaza, the most loved form of hip hop in Khayelitsha. We have grown remarkably from that undergro Read More. Become A Fan. SPONSORED. 3K. Song Plays. K. 3 Dec Driemanskap signed to the accomplished indie label Native Rhythms this year in what is poised to be a turning point for the Cape Town hip hop quartet and spaza (Xhosa hip-hop), which is under-represented nationally. “This is what we've always wanted – to just be busy,” says Ma-B, one of the members. 7 Dec Interview with Mikko Kapanen an academic researching the rise, social and cultural significance of vernacular Xhosa hip hop otherwise know as spaza shop hip hop.

South African hip hop is about to change forever. An epic, earth-rending collision of two cultures coming together, Driemanskap embody the best socially conscious, cutting edge lyricsm of Cape Town, and the passion and deeply felt African pride of the Spaza movement. The result is a hip hop supernova, the shockwave of. 4 Sep Spaza music is an expression of black, urban, hip-hop music. It originated among the youth in townships around South Africa.