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17 Apr Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne (): This terrific social satire was directed by Satyajit Ray and is based on a story by his grandfather Upendra Kishore Roychowdhury. It is also among one of the greatest children's films ever made in India and combines socialism with simple humour to tell a story of exploitation. Bollywood stars celebrated years of Indian Cinema at the International Indian Film Academy Awards. 4 Oct A list me and a few of my friends created during the turn of the Year Anniversary of Indian Cinema. It was a painstaking process, and a lot of research was done to give this list an objective feel. We fashioned it off both the AFI's list of Greatest American Films as well as Johnathan Rosenbaum's.

Know everything about years of Indian cinema, major milestones, top films, iconic heroes, heroines. Watch Tamil Cinema Spl Full Coverage Online Jayatv Show | Watch Year Indian cinema celebration Videos Online |. Posted by bala vinay Posted on AM.