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NOVA Online brings you Odyssey of Life, including an interview with photographer Lennart Nilsson, an essay by Joe Levine on embryonic development and evolution, an ongoing How Did We Get Here debate between Kenneth R. Miller and Phillip E. Johnson, video clips of morphing embryos, and Hot Science interactive. Table of Contents. How Did We Get Here: A Cyber Debate · Morphing Embryos · Behind the Lens: An Interview with Lennart Nilsson · Timing Is Everything · Teacher's Guide · Hot Science: · House Creepy Crawlies · Body Creepy Crawlies · Odyssey Home | How? | Morphing | Lens · Timing | Creepy Crawlies | Table of. Documentary · From inside the human body and the miracle of developing life to an insects world seen from the point of view of the insect, cinematographer ' Lennart Nilsson' shows us the world in new ways See full summary».

The micro-photography of Lennart Nilsson takes a look at the developing human embryo, comparing it to embryos of other species and revealing its shared ancestry. 60 min. : Nova: Odyssey of Life the Ultimate Journey 1 [VHS]: David Ogden Stiers, Bo Moller, Hans Wigzell, Klaus Renner, Hans-Jochen Lunemann, Terakazu Eto, Carl Mydans, Birgit Nilsson, Lennart Nilsson, Graeme McBride, Mikael Agaton, Beth Hoppe, Bo G. Erickson, Lars Rengfelt, Melanie Wallace, Paula Apsell.