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Raising the bar bodybuilding

Thumbs up Review of Raising the Bar I, II & III. I had recently run into some youtube videos of previews for these video documentaries and was immediately impressed. I am not an experienced bodybuilder by any means, but I am beginning to understand the sacrifices that it takes to succeed in this sport. This Monday 7/18/16 we release THREE chapters of Raising the Bar 4 at once! Each Monday for the following eight weeks we will release another chapter, for a total of 11, viewable FOR FREE on Youtube. Subscribe to my Youtube channel NOW to get instant notifications whenever we post a new episode!. Fitness Mary Murphy, Raising The Bar Higher. Dustin Lapray. June 27, • 3 min read. Mary Murphy's athletic background and stunning features make her a perfect addition to the NPC. Follow her program and see how this Northwest native broke into the industry! Name: Mary Murphy From: Seattle, Washington.

Join Date: Oct ; Posts: 7,; Rep Power: My_Friend is a name known to all. (+). My_Friend is offline. Loved Raise the bar 1 and 2 just ordered 3. Free advice. You get what you pay for. Raising the Bar 4: CHAPTER 7 - Bodybuilding documentary with Victor Martinez and Kai. Chapter 7 Synopsis: In episode 7 of Raising the Bar 4, we witness first-hand the Kai Greene we ve never seen on camera before: shy, nervous, reclusive. In-depth interviews reveal Kai. Raising the Bar. The Raising the Bar Trilogy is a ground-breaking documentary series that showed for the first time the gritty, day to day reality of what it means to live life as a bodybuilder. RTB1 was my first major project. It started out to be about my brother Dave's attempt to win the Mr. Delaware State title. But it became .

Availability: the-barhtml. RTB2 continues the film Mike Pulcinella made about his brother Dave in While building on the first film, RTB2 has a different focus: it shows Dave competing nationally while facing difficulties from all sides. The stakes are.