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This page links to a series of tutorials demonstrating various aspects of the use of JAAS (Java Authentication and Authorization Service) and Java GSS-API. JAAS can be used for two purposes: for authentication of users, to reliably and securely determine who is currently executing Java code, and; for authorization of users. This tutorial presents two sample applications demonstrating the use of the Java GSS-API for secure exchanges of messages between communicating applications, in this case a client application and a server application. Java GSS- API uses what is called a "security mechanism" to provide these services. The GSS-API. See Java GSS Advanced Security Programming in the JDK 8 documentation for exercises that show you to use the Java GSS-API to build applications that authenticate users, communicate securely with other applications and services, and configure applications in a Kerberos environment to achieve Single Sign-On. In.

Note: The LDAP provider's GSS-API implementation uses the Java Bindings for GSS-API (RFC ) for GSS-API/Kerberos v5 support. If you are using the Java 2 SDK, v, then the Java GSS and Kerberos implementations are already included so you need to take no further action. Otherwise, you need to install a Java. Java GSS-API and JSSE provide you with the same basic set of security features: Client-server authentication; Encryption and integrity protection of transmitted data. However, there are some key difference between the two. This document lists some of them to help you decide which might be more appropriate in your. Using this project, Android developers are able to use GSS-API functionality in their Android NDK applications. For a working example of an Android NDK application using this Java GSS-API interface, please reference the Kerberos Android NDK project. This project provides a sample Android NDK application showing how.

My understanding of getting the service ticket was wrong. I do not need to get the credentials from the service - this is not possible on the client, because the client really doesn't have a TGT for the server and therefore doesn't have the rights to get the service credentials. What's just missing here is to create. Java GSS-API is used for securely exchanging messages between communicating applications. The Java GSS-API contains the Java bindings for the Generic Security Services Application Program Interface (GSS-API) defined in RFC GSS-API offers application programmers uniform access to security services atop a. Apr 6, The GSS API that you will often see mentioned is the best means of doing Kerberos authentication in Java. GSS stands for Generic Security Services API. It provides a generic way of performing security/authentication services, that does not tie you down to a specific implementation (e.g. Kerberos).