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14 Jan Abstract: Recent advances in video super-resolution have shown that convolutional neural networks combined with motion compensation are able to merge information from multiple low-resolution (LR) frames to generate high- quality images. Current state-of-the-art methods process a batch of LR frames to . 3 Jul Abstract: Learning approaches have shown great success in the task of super- resolving an image given a low resolution input. Video super-resolution aims for exploiting additionally the information from multiple images. Typically, the images are related via optical flow and consecutive image warping. 16 Nov Abstract: Convolutional neural networks have enabled accurate image super- resolution in real-time. However, recent attempts to benefit from temporal correlations in video super-resolution have been limited to naive or inefficient architectures. In this paper, we introduce spatio-temporal sub-pixel.

GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects. 4 May Abstract: Super resolving a low-resolution video, namely video super-resolution ( SR), is usually handled by either single-image SR or multi-frame SR. Single- Image SR deals with each video frame independently, and ignores intrinsic temporal dependency of video frames which actually plays a very. Resize video to HD or 4K with Video Enhancer - a tool implementing motion- based super-resolution method for upsizing video. Use + filters for video processing: denoising, deblocking, subtitler, color correction etc.

Previous CNN-based video super-resolution approaches need to align multiple frames to the reference. In this pa- per, we show that proper frame alignment and motion com- pensation is crucial for achieving high quality results. We accordingly propose a “sub-pixel motion compensation”. (SPMC) layer in a CNN framework. Real-Time Single Image and Video Super-Resolution Using an Efficient. Sub- Pixel Convolutional Neural Network. Wenzhe Shi1, Jose Caballero1, Ferenc Huszár1, Johannes Totz1, Andrew P. Aitken1,. Rob Bishop1, Daniel Rueckert2, Zehan Wang1. 1Magic Pony Technology 2Imperial College London. 1{wenzhe, jose. Size reduction. Our ground truth patches are reduced from their original size of 32x32 to 16x Upscale Patch. Size increase. Our reduced samples are brought back to. 32x32 size by interpolation methods. Neural Network. Evaluation. The neural network. “upscales” the 32x32 patch to a higher quality. 32x32 patch.