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Project Xiaspora is a 2D Space Trading MMORPG for Windows based on pdiaspora source files. Project Xiaspora is a High quality, multi-player internet based game. Graphics are good, and game mechanics solid. Create your character or characters, buy a ship, outfit it with weapons, missiles, and equipment. Buy, transport. Jun 19, Space style MMO RPG 2D with upgradeable ships and expandable environment. Clone of very popular game called Diaspora. Purchase your ship, purchase your modifications and conquer the universe with your guild as a pirate, trader, or federation soldier. It's intention is to provide the means for classic and abandoned games to continue living on forever as open source. Even though the games Nighsoft produces are open source and free the public servers Nighsoft runs for these games are not. If you like any of the games that Nighsoft reproduces and advances then please.

Official Server List. Server Name: BGSPORA Server Currently: Offline with 0 players. Server Website: Server IP/Address: Server Admin: Admin Server Admin Email: [email protected] Server Description: BGSPORA CLONE MAPS FORIM XIASPORA. Server Downloads. Server monkeys can download the server software here and any server tools they may need. These files are relative to people who run or want to run a GU Latest Servers, Platform, Description, Size, Info Win32, An mirror bot for Xiaspora, the login checksum was cracked but has since been updated. DarkSpace is a massively multiplayer action strategy game that puts you in command of a massive starship.

Xiaspora made an astonishing recovery when Freak Nigh returned a few months ago. Over ninety percent of the Bulgarian player base was banned, and the server was reset. The game began to look as if it were going to stand back up as the most popular spora clone to date. Xiaspora began to rebuild it's old player base. Apr 11, Home · Adding your favorite service to Diaspora · Alternate get involved page · An Introduction to the Diaspora Source · Android app project · Androidapplog1 · API Documentation · API v1 · Become a Contributor · Changelog · Client server model · Code Chat · Coffee Setup · Community · Community. Sep 14, Xiaspora Multi player space tradeing and warfare game create guilds and become a legend. (See all). Emo ® Creations. Review Comments Questions & Answers Update program info. No specific info about version Please visit the main page of Xiaspora on Software Informer. Share your.