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23 Jun Got it Please, if anyone has a "how do I do this" questions about the new bins, post a thread with your questions in the main forum section. Trying to keep this thread about collection only info. The new bins will have to be added to a bios the same way the old bins were. Afterward you must. 25 Feb Microsoft provides the OEM a SLIC key in place of a CD key. 3. Microsoft provides the OEM a SLP certificate file. 4. The SLP certificate must be matched up to the SLP code embedded in the BIOS ROM (also provided by Microsoft). As an OEM PC manufacturer, they can pre-activate Windows in mass without. slic basically stands for system locked preinstalled in computer it is the mechanisam used by big royalty OEM computer manufacturers to factory to activate pre installed windows operating system.. slic is used to activate windows7 version yes it is very important to activate windows 7 to make geniune.

26 Sep A SLP involves checking the presence of a matching OEM-supplied key, an OEM-specific certificate and the most challenging part of the puzzle an OEM- specific ACPI_SLIC table (SLIC table) before it can activate. Now moving to next step, OEM-key and OEM-specific certificates were being cracked. Im making this post to inform you that it doesnt matter what brand of SLIC we mod with as long as there is a valid key installed (Keys are not brand specific) and the correct certificate is installed which matches the SLIC table in the bios. Following this example can save all of us some valuable time instead of. With SLIC and MSDM, there certainly is a complete and human-readable product key in the ACPI table. You've mixed up info from OEM SLP, SLIC , and SLIC Also, Windows edition hasn't been determined by the volume name, not ever. There are other places and switches on the media to.

3 Feb My Windows7 is bound to a Asus PC, so I'm not able to activate it in XEN. I found an artice that describes a possible way to implement a SLIC table to the bios. As I'm a noob as a code hacker I don't see a way to do that in the enviroment of Qubes Has someone tried to patch. I know that I would be able to install of Windows 7 on this computer and do an OEM activation, now that the BIOS has SLIC However, since this laptop has a COA for Vista, would this be legal? With support for Vista ending soon I see Windows 7 as a much better and more secure option than Vista. But. If you have bought a major OEM machine with a Windows Pro OEM License or Windows 10 Pro OEM License your system has a SLIC version of and this may be used as an activation mechanism for Downgrade Rights to Windows 7 Pro (or Windows Vista Business). These legacy OS will however lack the drivers for.