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According to Yahoo!'s Exceptional Performance Team, 40% to 60% of Yahoo!'s users have an empty cache experience and about 20% of all page views are done with an empty cache (see this article by Tenni Theurer on the YUIBlog for more information on browser cache usage). This fact outlines the importance of. YUI Compressor - The Yahoo! JavaScript and CSS Compressor. The YUI Compressor is a JavaScript compressor which, in addition to removing comments and white-spaces, obfuscates local variables using the smallest possible variable name. This obfuscation is safe, even when using constructs such as. We've moved! I finally got around to moving Refresh-SF to a GitHub/Heroku setup . The old tool is completely shut down, but you can find the shiny new tool over here. As always, feedback is welcome. Go to the compressor.

Disable HTML minification when using YUI Compressor. August 19, Add HTML Minifier. Allow user to override language detection. May 20, Use processImport: false setting for clean-css. Add anonymous gist creation button. April 17, (Version 2). Covert to UglifyJS 2 and Clean-CSS on ; Separate. YUI compressor is an online tool to minify and compress javascript files. The YUI Compressor is always to preserve the operational qualities of the code while reducing its overall byte footprint (both in raw terms and after gzipping, as most JavaScript and CSS served from production web servers is gzipped as part of the HTTP protocol). The YUI Compressor is JavaScript minifier designed to be .

YUI's lightweight core and modular architecture make it scalable, fast, and robust. Built by frontend engineers at Yahoo!, YUI powers the most popular websites in the world. This is an yui compressor online tool, yui compressor full version, Can handle css and js files, and can generate a download address. 3 Mar Here is the README on the YUI Compressor. And here is the How To use from their site.