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8 Feb Apple hasn't totally left old iPad owners behind. In addition to still signing the last iOS releases for those devices, you can still download software for them -- assuming you know where to look. It sounds like the Apple Support article explains what you need to do to get the app in the version you want. Go to the App Store on your iPhone. Press Updates and then press Purchased. When you get there, it should show your Apple account and it will say My Purchases. Press that and it will show you all. 25 Jul When you're on an older device, however, this means an app may not be compatible with your old version of iOS. Search for an application in the App Store on your iPad 1, for example, and the App Store app will tell you that the app can't be downloaded because it requires a device running iOS 7 (or 8.

Do you want to go back to the older version of an app on the iPhone or iPad because the update is buggy? Here's how you can re-install previous versions of apps from a backup. 28 Dec Ever get an update to an iOS app that just completely destroyed the app and made it terrible? There's a way to roll back to older versions if you're willing to jump through some hoops. How to Legally download any previous version of an App Store app through iTunes (Windows version) | Medium. I cannot install the latest versions of most apps, but I could still use older versions of apps on it. To install older versions of apps, I would use my desktop computer ( running Windows) to open iTunes and find the apps I want in the App Store. I then added them to my list of "Purchased" apps, and then I could.

You will have to download the App to iTunes on a computer or another device that does support the current App version using the same Apple Id you have on your iPad. With that done you can follow these instructions from your iPad to get a compatible version: App Store: Install the latest compatible version. iOS7 has a ton of tiny touches that make life easier (like automatically zooming pixel-doubled iPhone apps on the iPad, and using the retina iPhone assets even on the iPad mini), but it looks like users of older versions of iOS aren't being left out. Or maybe Apple really, really wants developers to go. 25 Dec Charles Proxy is a tool for OS X that can be used to facilitate the download of older versions of iOS apps from iTunes. It's a bit of a drawn-out exercise, but if you've ever been in need of an older version of a particular app, then you know how handy such a technique can be. In this video, which was inspired.