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Providing Homeless and Hopeless Street Kids a Future of Possibilities in Jesus Name. Rescuing Orphans Around the World. Big World Project. Don't send PM to this account because they will be ignored! Because this amazing project: Enhanced Edition Trilogy (BG1:EE + SoD + BG2:EE + IWD1:EE + first part of IWD2), we need to rise awareness of this community about this tool and encourage people to provide feedback. Provides direct support to children at the Ham Tan Children's Center, an orphanage in Vietnam by covering education fees.

Jan 24, BiG World English v By Leonardo Watson. Step by step installation instructions for the megamod, consisting Screenshot. * - downloads ( views) Updated 29 Sep Big World Project, Lynchburg, Virginia. likes. Our mission is to get children off the streets and into safe, nurturing environments. Big World Setup (BWS): Mod Manager for Infinity Engine Games and Baldur's Gate/Enhanced Edition Trilogy by dabus or "SmartGit" or other preferred tool; add mods/make other changes (see FAQ in the Docs folder of the BWS package!) create a pull request to submit changes from your fork back to the main project.

I'm just wondering if anyone else is playing the big world project. For those that don't know - its a mod that essentially installs a MASSIVE amount of mods for BG1&2. Tons of new areas to explore, items, major quests, side quests, NPC's, romances - everything. (To put it in a different perspective, my Baldur's. Apr 17, Hi. I was trying to insteall big world project for both of the enhanced versions on my windows 10 pc,but it says it isn't supported.. I also tried running it in compability mode for win7 and xp perspectively,but still nothing. I have had disabled my firewall/antivirus/everything so it can't be idea,you guys?. Apr 19, Big World Fixpack. This is the repository for the Big World Project's Fixpack - a set of tools and patches that fix/update/support mods for all Infinity Engine games (focusing on Baldur's Gate series, but including PST and IWD also ). This is a community project; you are welcome to fork this.