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Flash player 11 ps3

hi please help me my ps3 has got old vision flash player i need new vision how to update thank you. 20 Jun With system software version onwards, the PlayStation 3 system's Internet browser supports Adobe® Flash® Player 9. I would like to play runescape on my ps3 do u know how to. Report. C M: Scotland! > mikey4rent - Sep 14, at AM. You need the latest version of Java for RuneScape. Java Sun systems or something like that, just search "free java download latest". Don't know if it will work on ps3, not tried mine.

20 May You can use your PlayStation 3 to surf the Internet, but to view online videos ( Youtube, ) you will need to install Adobe Flash Player on the PlayStation web browser. Note that: on some consoles Flash Player is already installed! To. PS3 already does do flash acceleration I heard, but do think Flash will be a better upgrade, Sony also, if they can add HTML5 to the browser. Youtube videos any time soon. I give it about 6 months before they update the browser. Flash 10 might come to it when Flash 11 is released. I think that's. 15 Sep Your PlayStation 3's Web browser puts all the glorious cat videos the Internet offers right on your TV. Many videos use Adobe Flash Player to play in the browser. Sony assures that Flash Player is already included with system software and newer, but you'll have to give permission to run the plugin.

Please HELP! i tried to view some trailers based on the latest flash player through my ps3 but it says i need the latest version of the flash.