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KinskyDesktop. Music at your finger tips. KinskyDesktop is an open source UPnP control point designed for use on a Desktop. Queue music from your Media Servers to Pause, Skip Forward, Skip Back); Standard preamp controls ( Volume, Mute, Linn Source Selection); Runs on Linux, Windows, Mac OS X ( using Mono or. Linn Kazoo is available for iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows and Mac. *Searching control app. Available for Windows and Mac operating systems and QNAP NAS devices (Intel x86 versions). Kinsky offers an alternative way to browse your music and control your Linn system and is available for iPhone/Android devices. I've just installed Kinsky Desktop for Mac and whilst i managed to get it to play a track from iTunes, it quit unexpectedly. Now every time I attempt to start Kinsky it immediately comes up with the message "The application KinskyDesktop quit unexpectedly" and asks whether I want to report to Linn.

Download the Asset DMG package to your Mac, then double click it to run the package and follow the onscreen instructions. Asset is accessed directly from the device (such as XBox, PS3) or through a UPnP Control Point running on a PC (such Asset Control, Kinsky Desktop) or hand-held controller (such as Kinksy. Latest Release ChorusDS for Mac OSX +. has early support for Davaar - please report any issues found with Cara. b3 now works with the new Kinsky Desktop for Mac. ChorusDS Latest Beta ChorusDS for Mac OSX Snow Leopard+ also Intel ONLY. (sorry but new developer tools make old. You might be able to run the Naim app on your MAC under an iPad simulator, such as iPadian. I've not tried it. Like Reply the "room" unfortunately Kinsky? I dont own a mu-so but I'd think (guess?) that any 'generic' upnp controller would at least see both your server and the mu-so. Like Reply (0 Likes).

SSDP discovery initiated by Kinsky iOS (for example, when Kinsky is started ) works with the firewall either off or on; SSDP discovery initiated by Kinsky Desktop on Windows (for example, when Kinsky is started) works with the firewall off only; SSDP discovery initiated by MinimWatch on Windows. 25 Oct Kinsky Desktop from Linn. Linn is a super-respected British manufacturer of high end audio gear. Their package is small, which I like, and came in which worried me a little-what's it installing? It seems (based on lsbom) to only install in /Applications, which is odd, but whatever. Didn't work out of the. Yes, you need to find UPnP Controller for Mac. For example trac/wiki/Kinsky is one of freeware. You can drag files to your UPnP device to play . Create playlist. Start streaming from UPnP server serources etc. Hope this helps !.