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Soulsplit 3 is the spiritual successor to the original Soul Split! We're bringing back all of your favorite features and styles of gameplay. ✓. Username, ELO Rating, Kills. 1, Poriseva nub Legendary Donor, , 2, Curse of rs Extreme Donor, , 3, Nhers Extreme Donor, , 4, Bhruguwar Extreme Donor, , 5, Luna, , 6, Flipperdick Extreme Donor, , 7, Scrilla Legendary Donor, , 3 Oct Soulplay/soulsplit 3 accounts for sale, Got a few accounts for sales. 10$ donators 30+ $ accounts +$ account And one $ + account. as proof i own those accounts: Imgur: The most awesome, Private Server Accounts.

If you are 99 Smithing, out of the rune bars you have smelted you can then make Rune platelegs which will use up 3 rune bars. If you then high alch the Rune platelegs you have made it will give you 48, coins. It works out per 3 rune ores you will make 78, coins profit. The easiest place to do this would be Neitiznot. Welcome to SoulSplit3. This page will be dedicated to new players about getting to know your way around the server and how it works. When you create your account I recommend following the mini guide around SS3. Refer to: Edgeville General Store for all starter items. SoulPlay is NOT owned by the previous SoulSplit 2 owners. It is a new server started on 7/12/15 with top of the line developers and administrators. Since the opening of Soulsplit 3, we've had tremendous support and have grown a fan base of more than + players online daily. This server is Founded by Aleksandr and is.

Rarity, Common Common. Type, Action. Attributes, intelligence. Race. Magicka Cost, 2. Expansion set, Core Set. Soul Summon, 50 Crystal. Soul Trap, 5 Crystal. Text, Sacrifice a creature to summon a 3/2 Sundered Shade in each lane. Keywords. BBCode, [card]Soul Split[/card]. Played in, / of Eligible decks (11 %). Inflicts Shadow damage to an enemy and reduces its movement speed for 3 sec. This is an NPC Ability. A spell from World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor.