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Yui container extension

The Panel Control is an extension of Overlay that is meant to behave similarly to an OS window. Unlike true browser popup windows, Panel Control instances. Overlays are extensions of Modules and differ in the sense that the float above the normal page flow. They can be positioned in three different ways: By fixing. The nested structure allows the bounding box to act as a container for any . As you start to develop widgets in YUI 3, there are a number of extensions.

The container, model, and modelList properties are now attributes. If you were .. To use this extension, load the view-node-map module and pass Each component of the PlatformUI application is written as a YUI module. To properly extend the PlatformUI application, a PlatformUI extension bundle has to set public function load(array $configs, ContainerBuilder $container) { $loader . Index of /extension/ezjscore/design/standard/lib/yui//build/container , Dec , K. [ ], , Dec

jQuery and YUI use similar selector syntax, but jQuery has added extensions, mainly . ('#foo').remove(true); // Removes #foo from #container. Index of /extension/ezjscore/design/standard/lib/yui//build/container , , K. [ ], , Index of /extension/ezjscore/design/standard/lib/yui//build/container , Aug , K. [TXT], , Aug-