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Dark souls 2 durability patch download

Dark souls 2 durability patch

8 May If you're fed up with your mace breaking on the relaxing stroll from Majula to the Last Giant, then here's good news: a patch fixing Dark Souls 2's weapon durability glitch has finally arrived. Promised earlier this month, the patch will finally put to rest debates about whether rapid weather deterioration was. 15 May The Infamous Double-G Wiggler · View Profile View Posts. May 15, @ 2: 24pm. Is durability Fixed finally?? So hello guys! After long time i play Dark Souls 2 again (and again) and i wonder if the durability bug is fixed because developers have announced that they wanna fix this♥♥♥♥♥♥ Any news. 10 Apr Fixed issue whereby weapon durability was decreased drastically when used on enemy corpses, friendly characters, etc. (Especially apparent for users running the game at 60 fps as the durability decrease rate was linked to the frame rate). Fixed issue whereby actions requiring both button and stick.

8 May Dark Souls 2 players can now enjoy the game at 60fps, without worrying about weapons breaking every ten minutes. dark souls 2 crown of the ivory king 6. The long-standing durability bug in Dark Souls 2 has been fixed in a patch that went live on PC a few hours ago. The patch is very small and while. 22 Apr Bandai Namco details upcoming Dark Souls II patch. resevil67 2 years ago#1. So I picked this up on release, but haven't started it yet as I want to finish bloodborne first. I just read an article That from is actually making a patch to fix the year old durability issue on all the new platforms plus pc. I haven't installed the game yet but I was wondering,if this patch has been released?.

21 Apr From Software and Namco Bandai are finally fixing a year-old bug in Dark Souls 2 that caused weapons in the game to degrade, and ultimately break, at a fast rate. Because the Windows PC version of the game ran at 60 frames per second, double that of Dark Souls 2's console counterparts, weapon. 7 May It's taken From Software more than a year, but it's addressed the durability bug that's plagued Dark Souls 2 since its release in early This issue has been fixed. The patch is very small and while FromSoftware has not announced it going live, reports on Reddit and Steam suggest that it does indeed fix the issue. Source - dated May To note however, that while a lot of players have had issues with the Dark Souls games (especially on.